On slow growth

It is not always necessarily to be the faster, the better. Slow doesn't define us as a failure.

On contemporary living in digital age

Differentiate what truly matters to our life and bring us value, both intrinsically and extrinsically. A slow living lifestyle will definitely help along this journey. By slowing down our pace of everyday living, we take more time to appreciate and reflect moments in life.


What's the meaning of living at the moment?

Things will get better

If we see these through with the tool of skepticism, we may seek the truth behind the mist.

The joy of music

I think the power of music is not just on how it affects our emotions. It’s about connecting and paying respect to our species.

Train of thoughts

The world itself is eventually going to be doomed, most likely by humans rather than extraterrestrial factors. Looking back at our history, were most disasters manmade or natural? Among those manmade disasters, are most of them due to our curiosity or cruelty?

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