About reflection

We are all designers of our lives.

Tue Jun 01 2021

Reflection is a crucial part of continuously improvement process. In certain culture, couples renewing wedding vows every decade to remind themselves why they are together in the first place. It’s a way to reaffirm one’s commitment and it can be done for any type of relationship between a persona and their object of affection.

It is the same thing for what we do everyday for a living too. After designing for a few years, I need to stop for a second, jot down some ideas on paper or digital notebook on topics like what does it truly mean by my daily design practice and how to reaffirm my relationship with the art of crafting.

There are a few prompts I may ask myself: Why do I do what I am doing now? What lessons I have learnt by doing it? Why I still choose to keep my journey along this path after these years?

By asking these questions I can reflect on the deeper reasons behind what I am doing and see the rationales behind it better.

Design something requires laser focus and constant questioning: how is it being done? Is there a better way? Why it was designed like this from the first place?

For years of running design in driver’s seat, it would be very inspiring to look at it from a different perspective. Design has shaped me in more ways I could ever imagined, it changed the way how I view the world, interpersonal relationships and how I make decisions.

We are all designers of our lives, and turned out I am a product of design itself.

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