In the Pale Starlight

A poem

Sun Apr 30 2023

In the pale starlight, I tread the beach,
Its secrets, now unlocked, within my reach.
The Milky Way above, a cosmic beam,
Whose depths and mysteries know no seam.

Memories flood back, of childhood days,
Of laughter and stories, in so many ways.
Flickering fires, and sand between my toes,
Of tender friendships that forever grows.

Now I stand here, on this shore so vast,
Looking back on life’s journey, as it’s surpassed.
But the echoes of those moments, they linger still,
And the love we once shared, I’ll always feel.

For life may move on, as we all do,
But the moments we’ve shared, will forever renew.
And in the light of the Milky Way up high,
Our love shines on, like a beacon in the sky.

Written by Human, Not by AI© Steve 4202. All rights reserved.