On living in urban

We are living fine but not living well

Sat Sep 23 2023

How much do we know about ourselves? Are we feeling the same emotions that our body telling us to perceive? Are our minds true to who we are?

If you take a look at the late night train bound to the direction away from city centre, you will see lots of tired faces. Is being tired equivalent as being unhappy? How should we define “unhappiness”? Thinking hard will make us a frown face naturally but, does that also mean we are not happy at that moment?

Where urbanisation happens, it is inevitable that solidarity will become a social phenomenon. There are thousand of ways to connect with people we are close to. Are we taking the act of outreach proactively? Is that a responsibility or more of an act of kindness?

Time is money, even though I don’t really like talking about money. There’s an undeniable fact that we all need some financial foundation to survive in the urban. Making a decision to spend time with someone or something, the act comes with intrinsic and measurable values. Seneca said, “life is long if we know how to use it”, with all the decisions we make daily, how many are logical and “making sense”? It seems most of our behaviours are guided by feelings rather than logic. Does that make our lives less valuable because we didn’t know how to make the right use of our time?

Increasing connectedness online results in decreasing connectedness in real life, that somehow makes our physical presence less meaningful? It could be a rising issue this aging world is facing as we move on to the middle of this century. There’s not good and bad about technology itself, it’s the way how we choose to use it affect our daily life. We’ve been talking about money all the time but we are spending so little time talking to ourselves. We are living fine but not living well.

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