Telegram's new subscriber-exclusive "story" feature

The whole Internet is just getting a bit more crazier.

Sat Jul 22 2023

Telegram just introduced “story-like” video post feature in their app and only open to its premium subscribers. This move just set the Internet crazier.

We don’t need another instagram to suck a portion of our attention, there are already so many social networking apps out there ruthlessly and relentlessly collecting our data and feeding us unnecessary content only for short span of attention and instant pleasure.

I believe at the very beginning Telegram was born to serve the purpose as a simple messaging platform and they’ve done a great job too. However when every app is starting to fighting for your attention, we should ditch those not helping us to have a more meaningful life with digital devices but merely farming our time and attention. Again we do not need another social networking app, we just need a reliable messaging app that focus on making messaging secure, fast and stable.

As Paul’s post on mastodon goes:

Charging people money to make your app worse is a weird business model.

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